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Geneva, Illinois

Dr. Melissa Wilke helps you identify the source of specific problems in your body to help you achieve proper alignment and eliminate pain due to compensatory muscle spasm, contraction or bone impact. Our objective is always to help you reduce or remove pain and generate a positive, healthful response in your overall body structure. The simple correction of chronic muscle and/or postural imbalances has been shown to improve daily function in work, family and exercise goals. Chiropractic is a clear path to a healthier life.


If you are looking to improve your work environment by supporting and improving the health, morale and function of your staff, call Dr. Wilke!  She will help you tailor the perfect day for you and your company.

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melissa wilkeDr. Melissa Wilke attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she earned her Bachelor in Arts, Psychology. After attaining this degree, she wanted to continue her study in health care and considered medical school. But in investigating Chiropractic she found that the integrated approach to medicine made more sense. Her schooling proved as rigorous as medical school and the practice has evolved to incorporate key treatment strategies such as acupuncture, ultrasound, blood analysis, biomechanics and massage.

This manner of health care allows Dr. Wilke and her patients to achieve healthy results without use of prescription drugs with negative side effects or surgery that can create as many problems as it solves.

Chiropractic is a natural, pain free alternative that brings about positive changes in peoples’ lives and Dr. Wilke highly values her patient relationships and the ability to positively impact their lives.